A romantic feature film


















This is an excerpt from the opening scene of one of eight scripts we have selected to be incorporated in the collaborative feature film With Love From… Suffolk. Unlike Patrick, we have not only a big night ahead of us, but a big year with the production of this film over the summer and a release in time for Valentine’s Day 2016.


With Love From... Suffolk is a feature film comprised of eight short romantic tales, that celebrates love in all its guises. Set entirely within Suffolk, it is not just a funny and tender exploration of relationships – it’s also a love letter to our magnificent county.


In the vein of romantic, multi-stranded films such as Love Actually and New York, Love You, we want to engage and entertain our audience, evoking laughter, drama and romance, with a life-affirming message overall.


FILM Suffolk is a regional non-profit organisation, which is coordinating the production and intends to bring exposure to the local film industry as well as the county. We have assembled a large crew of local film professionals who are contributing to the production.






"What a clever way to encourage film making in the best county of all."


Emma Freud

script editor (Love Actually)